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Posing Coach & Judge

I have been an active participant in the competitive bodybuilding scene for over 7 years as an athlete (competing in roughly 30 shows nationally and internationally), personal trainer, judge and posing coach. I started competing in my junior years where I rose to the rank of Mr Universe.

Posing was my unique skill which made me stand apart from other bodybuilders on stage. On numerous occasions I was commended and awarded on my posing. Now I am responsible for supporting others achieve same.

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"Special thank you to @posebyfeyi for taking me through my posing yesterday evening. I saw this guy pose online a few weeks ago and thought Wow! He’s got the flow! His attention to shapes , outlines and illusions was apparent throughout the session. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, really great guy, and super posing coach. Yesterday was one of those tough prep days but I’m pleased to say by the end of our session Feyi had successfully lifted my mood and put a big smile on my face too"

Kristie Sanderson

IFFB Figure Pro


"Working with feyi made me much more aware of my weak posing areas and he bought out my strengths to make my physique stand out on stage. Which helped have successful bodybuilding season with multiple 1st placings.
I booked a good few sessions with feyi and traveled down from Manchester and it was definitely worth the trip as you learn a lot from each session. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about competing and wants to improve their stage presence.
Thanks for you help Feyi!

Marcus Ellison
Classic Physique Competitor


"Feyi is a close friend of many years and offered to help me out with my stage presentation this year.

Even with 9 years of competing and 20 shows to my name I was shocked at how improved I was with Feyi’s help. Feyi’s attention to detail, care and instruction is second to none, he truly cares for his clients!

I was so happy with the work we did together off stage which translated to my best stage presentation to date. I will be using Feyi’s expertise regularly next season!

Thank you Feyi"

Rikki Varney

Class 2 Bodybuilder


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