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Posing is an Art, its a form 

Worldwide Posing Coach, Judge and Bodybuilder

I have been an active participant in the competitive bodybuilding scene for over 7 years as an athlete(competing in roughly 30 shows), personal trainer, judge and posing coach. I started competing in my junior years where I rose to the rank of Mr Universe.

Posing was my unique skill which made me stand apart from other bodybuilders (athletes) on stage. On numerous occasions I was commended and awarded on my posing. Now I am responsible for supporting others achieve  the same.


Posing is arguably one of the most neglected aspects in a bodybuilder's arsenal. A good poser will sometimes walk away with the trophy that would have normally been given to a superior physique. I am committed to ensuring that as you work with me you will achieve an excellent stage presence and your posing is uniquely well crafted.

Feyi Oyebode

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